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Ha ha ha. Some news from Abit for ya. The company behind some of the finest “enthusiast” motherboards around has made a couple of announcements in the past 24 hours or so. First, Abit has gone and revised their SoftMenu “jumperless” BIOS setup to allow even more options for overclocking your processor. Their new SoftMenu III “provides 120 sets of Front Side Bus speeds, from 66, 75, 83, 84, 85, 86 , 87, 88…. to …198, 199, 200 MHz and unlimited FSB speeds from 83 to 200MHz in increments of one.” Amazing. They’ve also thrown in some L2 cache tweaks and some help info for newbies right there in the BIOS. Only Abit’s BE6-II and BF6 are currently capable of handling SoftMenu III, by the way.

Also from Abit is a new cheapie-PC motherboard based on the Intel 810 chipset, the WB6. Although this mobo is aimed at the low end, it sports a number of advanced features not widely available for higher-end Intel-based motherboards until the 820 chipset makes it to the market in force.

Thanks to Kyle at the HardOCP for the heads up on Abit’s latest. Head over to his site for a couple of new Abit BIOS files and a new Award flash proggy, as well.

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