1. SiS announces wireless solutions for Pentium M processors
  2. Opteron prize draw
  3. Elcor Software announces TweakRAM 3.31
  4. Hardware Analysis on AMD Athlon 64 FX
  5. Digit-Life reviews ASUS A2H notebook PC
  6. [H]ard|OCP reviews ASUS P4P800S-E wireless edition
  7. TweakNews reviews Samsung SyncMaster 172MP
Multimedia, casing, and modding

  1. TwistedMods reviews Jazz Hipster J9940W surround sound speakers
  2. BiT-Tech reviews Scythe Ergo Diver keyboard
  3. Digit-Life reviews i-Mate Smartphone 2002
  4. Designtechnica reviews Nokia 6800 phone
  5. GruntvillE reviews 350W Ahanix SilenX PSU
  6. Envy News reviews Metal Gear Box USB 2.0 / SATA enclosure
    and Vantec vibration dampener kits
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