French thought police ban word "e-mail"

As if the rest of the world needed another reason to dislike the French (despite how cool France is), the French have banned the use of the word "e-mail" in official circles:
PARIS, March 6 (UPI) -- The French Ministry of Finance announced Monday it has banned from official French civil service use many common English language business words such as "start-up" and "e-mail." The goal, according to a detailed ministry statement issued Monday is to limit the spread of the English language throughout the Internet. The ministry last year established seven different committees to search out and substitute with French translations as many widely accepted anglo computer terms as possible. The ministry disclosed Monday that government documents and civil servants have been directed to use the phrase a "jeune pousse" (a young plant) for "start-up" and use the phrase "courrier electronique" for "e-mail," in all official government communications.
(Saw this link at The Drudge Report). If I were looking to ban words, I'd be looking to ban the truly annoying English business terms, like "proactive," "impacting," "synergies," and "Jerry Lewis film."
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