VIA announces Envy24HT-S

VIA has announced the Envy24HT-S for mainstream sound cards. Like its big brother, the Envy24HT, the Envy24HT-S supports 7.1 output channels and 24-bit, 192kHz digital input and output ports. What differentiates the -S is the fact that its analog input and output ports are limited to 20-bit/48kHz audio. Off in the distance, you can hear the audiophiles scream.

Since it's targeted at mainstream markets and sub-$30 sound cards, the Envy24HT-S doesn't really need analog support for 24-bit audio. Of course, mainstream markets probably don't need 7.1 output channels, either. As far as I'm aware, there are still no 7.1-channel PC speaker sets on the market.

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