Abit unveils DiGiDice SFF system

Abit has officially unveiled the DiGiDice, the company's first enthusiast-oriented small form factor system. Rather than simply being a clone of one of Shuttle's XPC cubes, the DiGiDice looks like an imaginative rethinking of the small form factor concept. For starters, the system has two internal 3.5" drive bays and two external 5.25" bays¬ódouble what's available in most small form factor systems. The system also features an external overclocking dial and a small LCD screen that displays hardware monitoring information. A version of Abit's OTES cooling system with a claimed noise level of only 25db keeps the system cool and quiet.

Those looking for a small form factor system to use as a multimedia PC should appreciate the DiGiDice's aesthetics, too. Damage snapped some pics of the unit at Quakecon, and though it's a little bigger than the average cube, it definitely looks slick.

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