NVIDIA pressures Eidos to pull patch?

GamersDepot is reporting that Eidos has removed from its website a patch for Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. This latest Tomb Raider game is a rare DirectX 9 game with a built-in benchmarking tool. GamersDepot notes:
Since it shows NVIDIA hardware performing slower than ATI, EIDOS has pulled it down. Remember, this is a "Way it's meant to be played" game, which means NVIDIA has paid EIDOS marketing money. Keep in mind, that this patch improved performance on both ATI and NVIDIA hardware.
GD also has a statement from Eidos Europe:
It has come to the attention of Eidos that an unreleased patch for Tomb Raider: AOD has unfortunately been used as the basis for videocard benchmarking. While Eidos and Core appreciate the need for modern benchmarking software that utilizes the advanced shading capabilities of modern graphics hardware, Tomb Raider: AOD Patch 49 was never intended for public release and is not a basis for valid benchmarking comparisons. Core and Eidos believe that Tomb Raider: AOD performs exceptionally well on NVIDIA hardware.
I believe this statement from Eidos is incorrect. The patch was available from its UK website at this location for days. Based on our experience, this DX9 game's performance is indeed exceptional on NVIDIA hardware, but not in a good way, much like Half-Life 2.
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