Phantom console investigated

HardOCP has taken an interesting look at the much-hyped "Phantom" game console. Infinium Labs is behind the Phantom console, and it turns out that the man behind Infinium Labs has quite a storied past.
What we discovered was that the CEO of Infinium Labs, Timothy Roberts, has helmed several businesses that have failed or have gone bankrupt in the last six years. A couple of these high profile bankruptcies cost investors in those companies millions and millions of dollars. Mr. Roberts is now the head of a new company, Infinium Labs, and is rounding up money from investors to realize his latest vision. We've read about at least one person who has stated that Infinium Labs has generated at least $25 million in venture capital and has also reported seeing a prototype console in person.
In the PC world, it almost seems like we have a new graphics scandal every week. I guess the console world wanted a soap opera of its own.
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