Britain passes anti-spam law

Britain has passed a new law criminalizing spam. If convicted by a jury, there are no limits to how much a spammer can be fined. While the new law has promise, it doesn't go into effect until December 11. Also, the law only applies to personal email addresses; workplace email addresses aren't covered.

In other spam-related news, a company called Global Removal is actually paying spammers to remove email addresses from their mailing lists. For just $5, you can have your email address put on Global's list, and the spammers they're partnered with won't email you. Unfortunately, Global Removal doesn't offer any guarantees, and at least one anti-spam group has identified the service as a scam.

As long as POPFile keeps working for me, I can easily avoid offers for herbal Viagra. However, before long I fear my workstation could end up dedicating more CPU cycles to filtering than to Folding.

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