Low Athlon 64 volumes expected

This report over at The Inquirer cites sources in the motherboard industry who claim that Athlon 64 supplies will be tight for the remainder of the year.
In Q3, that’s now, of the 940 pin Athlon 64, only 10K will be available, and 80K 754 pin chips. The 939 pin version isn’t launched until Q1 04.

In Q4, the numbers shift to 15K for the 940 pin version, and 433K for the 754 pin version. Other sources at another mobo company suggest this figure is a little too high.

In Q1 2004, the projected numbers are 30K for the 940 pin version, 300K for the 939 pin version, and 1320K for the 754

Yields are suggested as a possible explanation for why so few chips are being made available, but the numbers could also reflect a lukewarm initial demand for the Athlon 64. Since the Athlon 64 3200+ and Athlon 64 FX-51 are selling for over $400 and $700, respectively, buyers may be expecting weak demand. Also, keep in mind that there are few Athlon 64-compatible motherboards currently available on the market, and we're still a ways off from a gold release of Microsoft's AMD64 version of Windows XP.

To AMD's credit, both the Athlon 64 3200+ and FX-51 are currently available online. However, Barton-core Athlon XP 2500+ processors can be had for under $100 and the market is full of APU-equipped nForce2 motherboards that don't require registered DIMMs. Given their options, many enthusiasts and system builders may balk at the Athlon 64 until cheaper, lower speed grades are released.

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