— 10:11 PM on September 25, 2003

Sorry about the total Etc. outage in the past couple weeks. I've been swamped with the trip to Seattle and Fremont (ATI, Valve, and S3), the workstation platform review, the Opteron 146 review, the DeltaChrome preview, and the Athlon 64 review. I figured you guys would understand the lack of rambling Etc. posts. I will get back to feeding the "tech blog" accusations as I can.

Right now, there are 452 unanswered e-mails in my Inbox stretching back to 10/29/01. JLbryan, I haven't forgotten your question about Xeon 1800s in Photoshop 6. Honest. I'm just not sure yet how they compare to T-birds.

Speaking of my Inbox, send your Friday night topic ideas here.

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