Dell gets into consumer electronics

As if dominating the PC market weren't enough, Dell is looking to get into consumer electronics and online music sales. In addition to serving up a Dell Music Store, Dell will offer a portable music player, wireless-equipped Axim handheld, and even flat-panel televisions.

Dude, you're getting... Oh never mind. It's been done to death.

Dell will no doubt offer consumer electronics products bundled with its home PC products. I wouldn't be surprised to see free music downloads used to sweeten PC and digital audio player deals, either.

PC heavyweights like Gateway, HP, and Sony currently offer consumer electronics products, but in the end, it may be Apple who suffers the most from Dell's entry into the market. Dell's portable audio player could make potential iPod buyers think twice, and the PC giant's online music service may lock up a big chunk of the PC music download market before Windows users have a chance to use the iTunes Music Store.

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