Another day, another gigahertz

As you've probably heard, Intel has intro'ed the 1GHz Pentium III in limited quantities, calling it "the world's highest performance microprocessor for PCs." Unlike the Athlon 1GHz, this processor will only be available as part of a computer system from certain OEMs, however, so don't expect to build yer own PC with one of these puppies inside until later this year.

As for reviews, Intel handed out a pair of GHz PIIIs to the usual suspects, the boy wonder and SharkyExtreme (where it's not just Sharky, it's 1GHz Sharky). The benchmarks show the 1GHz Pentium III as very competitive with the 1GHz Athon, and Intel deserves props for that fact. They've come from .15GHz to 1GHz with the P6 processor core, and it's scaled rather well with the right cache tweaks and some new SIMD instructions. Impressive.

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