ATI bullish on 0.13- and 0.11-micron process tech

There's an interesting report over at Xbit Labs quoting ATI's CEO on the move to 0.13- and 0.11-micron fabrication technology. Despite the fact that ATI's only 0.13-micron part is the mid-range RV350, ATI is apparently quite happy with the process.
“We do not have any problems with 0.13 margins. Actually, it is the opposite. We want to go into 0.13 and 0.11 very aggressively. If it was creating pressure, I don't think we would be banging our heads against the wall,” KY Ho told Reuters in an interview during Computex Taipei 2003 trade-show.
Which raises the question: Why hasn't ATI transitioned its other GPUs to 0.13-micron tech? For complex, high-end chips like the R350, moving to a 0.13-micron manufacturing process may be a little too risky at the moment. However, given ATI's enthusiasm, I wonder if we might see a new budget graphics part built using 0.13-micron tech in the near future.
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