NVIDIA dominates workstation graphics market

Though NVIDIA's NV3x-based desktop graphics cards have been plagued by delays, comparatively poor performance, and a host of questionable driver optimizations, NVIDIA's line of workstation graphics cards appears to be selling well. Xbit Labs has some market share stats that show NVIDIA out ahead of ATI by huge margins in both 2D and 3D workstation markets.
second with ATI 24% and 3Dlabs manages to hold 9% of the market. It is interesting to note that according to IDC professional 3D market grew 10% quarter-over-quarter in terms of units.

NVIDIA also scored the 2D market in the second quarter: the firm owns 53% share, while Matrox has the second spot with only 19%, while other companies, primarily ATI Technologies and Appian, occupy 28%. In the Q2 the professional 2D market saw growth of more than 17% quarter-over-quarter.

Most of the Quadro FX reviews I've seen on the web show NVIDIA's workstation offerings out ahead of ATI's FireGLs when it comes to 3D performance, so the market share stats should come as no surprise. However, I wonder if it's only a matter of time before ATI is able to massage more competitive workstation cards from its R3xx line of desktop graphics chips.
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