Radeon 9100 IGP reviewed

Beyond3D has one of the first in-depth looks I've seen of ATI's new 9100 IGP chipset. Though the 9100 GP doesn't really have enough memory bandwidth or south bridge features to take the enthusiast world by storm, it looks like a pretty potent competitor for low-end systems looking for a little pixel shader love.

The 9100 IGP's graphics core looks particularly impressive against Intel's not-so-Extreme 865G integrated graphics, and even the Radeon 9200 SE and GeForce 4 MX 440SE. As the article points out, the 9100 IGP's graphics performance could make the chipset popular among OEMs:

The game rendering performance of the Radeon 9100 IGP is such at it puts into question the need for many of these low end discrete boards. The price of the 9100 IGP chipset is designed to be competitive with Intel and hence these are intended for value PCs. Adding in even the lowest end discrete boards, such as those tested here, can be quite add quite a significant cost to the overall system for and OEM - with a chipset such as the 9100 IGP, you can more or less get the full performance of one of these low end boards, but at no extra cost.
Given Shuttle's penchant for aggressively adopting new chipsets, I'd expect to see the 9100 IGP in small form factor system, too.
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