Infineon appeal against Rambus rebuked

Thought you'd heard the last of Rambus? Think again. The US Supreme court has refused to hear an appeal from Infineon Technologies against Rambus' patent infringement case. C|Net reports:
With the ruling, Rambus will now go back to trial court to try to demonstrate that its intellectual property is being infringed in memory chips made by Infineon. The industry is watching the case closely because it will have a large impact on similar suits Rambus has filed against other memory makers, such as Hynix and Micron Technology, and could lead to billions of dollars in royalty payments.

The Supreme Court's decision to opt out of hearing the case also effectively kills Infineon's fraud claims against Rambus.

Hitachi and Samsung have already signed licensing agreements with Rambus, but Infineon is vowing to fight to the bitter end.
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