My glasses busted on me this week. I'm very nearsighted, so this means I'm wearing an old pair while I wait for a new set of frames, and the prescription is off by more than a little. I'm OK for driving, but not for reading or using a computer. To compensate a little, the optometrist's office gave me a trial pair of contact lenses in my prescription. (I've not worn contacts for years because my eyes get irritated easily.)

I put 'em in today, and it was amazing. Everthing got very large. The ballpoint pen on my desk was gigantic... equalled only by the size of my humongous thumb. Monitor screens grew before my eyes by two to three inches in diagonal screen area and became concave. I could see pixels within pixels. Poof. Mind blown.

It seems the world is much larger than those of us with glasses are being led to believe.

On a wholly unrelated note, you guys need to be clicking on the VIA K8T800 "shootout" contest banners here on the site. They're in heavy rotation now at the top of each page, and they lead to a fun little Flash-based soccer game. If you can score enough goals (and it's not hard), you get to enter their giveaway drawing. And get this: the prize is an eight-day vacation for two in Hawaii. That ain't just a new video card, folks. If I read the rules right, folks from North America, Europe, and Asia can win, and a person may enter up to 10 times per day.


You know what you need to do. If a TR reader doesn't come out the winner of this thing, I will be gravely disappointed.

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