Dell passes on AMD64

This report over at the Inquirer suggests that Dell has balked at an opportunity to offer Athlon 64-based systems because AMD's chips are too expensive and too "ice breaking." With only the $750 Athlon FX-51 and $400 Athlon 64 3200+ available, it's easy confirm that the new desktop AMD64 platform isn't cheap, especially considering the discounted Pentium 4 prices Dell mostly likely enjoys.

Perhaps more interesting is Dell's claim that AMD's chips are too "ice breaking" to adopt. The Athlon 64 no doubt breaks new ground, but as far as Dell is concerned, too few customers may be willing to tread in unproven waters. With a 64-bit version of Windows XP only in beta, it's easy to see why Dell and other major OEMs are apprehensive about the AMD4 platform.

Since Dell has always been an Intel camp, it's really no surprise that the OEM giant isn't fawning over the Athlon 64. However, HP has used AMD's chips in the past, so they may eventually migrate to the Athlon 64 when the price—and 64-bit software—is right.

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