Newsflash: We're not dead!

Just a brief note to point out that, despite Scott's and my absence the past couple days, neither of us has passed on or anything serious like that. Occasionally "real life" (you know, that world outside the 'net) intrudes into our happy existence (the nerve!) and we have to deal. In this particular case, it happened to both of us at the same time. Bleah. Well, not much else to say, more news will be forthcoming shortly.

Hey, did anybody catch SNL this weekend? I was expecting it to be decidedly so-so, but Joshua Jackson surprised me. I just muted the TV whenever I heard the words "Ladies and gentlemen, N'sync!" and I was fine. Some of the most creative writing I've seen outta them in a long time; probably the best show overall since the Teri Hatcher episode several years ago. Good stuff...

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