Poll time: Graphics card price range

Since we're right in the thick of things when it comes to graphics card coverage, I've whipped up a new poll for your voting pleasure. However, before we get to this week's question, let's take a peek at the results from last week's poll. Despite the fact that most DRM restrictions are easily defeated with S/PDIF input and output ports, 71% of voters would be more interested in an online music service that did away with DRM restrictions rather than one that offered high quality downloads with lossless compression. Of course, perfection would be an online service that offered DRM-free downloads and lossless compression, but don't expect to see that anytime soon.

This week, graphics cards are on the ballot.

What's your price range for new graphics card purchases?
Are you a bargain hunter looking for an affordable sub-$100 graphics card or a big spender that wouldn't hesitate to drop more than $400 on the latest bleeding edge graphics technology? Go vote!
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