Sorry I've been kind of scarce around here lately. Lots of good stuff going on behind the scenes¬óbenching and such. Most of it I can't tell you about yet.

We do have some good things going on in the forums, though. The forums have grown like mad in recent months, and it's too much for me to handle, so Kevin has stepped in to head up our team of mods in there. He's already being more responsive to user requests and the like. Just this week, we've added a pair of new forum areas: General Hardware and General Software. Some of you had been asking for these additions, so posts about things like mice, keyboards, monitors, and utilities would have a real home. Somehow, in my amazing foresight, I failed to create these areas before now.

Anyhow, the forums are loads of fun, and they're becoming a great resource, too. I go there myself for tech help from time to time. Kudos to all of you guys who have managed to post and make 'em a good place to hang out, especially our moderators.

Now, would the Red Sox just go ahead and win already? I hate the Yankees.

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