TR reviews the Matrox Millennium G400

I admit it; I got a little carried away reviewing the G400. Cards based on the G400 have been around for a while, but it's an interesting chip, so I took the time and put together a brutally thorough review of the 32MB Millennium G400 for your perusal pleasure.

We've covered everything from 3D image quality to bump mapping to DVD playback. We also looked at the G400's performance versus the competition from NVIDIA, breaking it out into triangle throughput and fill rates. Here's a teaser, extolling the virtues of the G400's 3D rendering engine:

To my eye, there are several reasons why the G400's images look better. The G400's filtering routines produce crisp output, with sharp edges and smooth surfaces on angled textures—much better than 3dfx's post-filtered 16-bit attempts or even NVIDIA's well-regarded 32-bit efforts, which look "dirty" by comparison. The GeForce's filtering is visibly cleaner than the TNT2, but even it doesn't match the G400. Beyond that, the G400's color contrast and saturation is exemplary. Subtle texture colorations on the G400 are lost on other 3D cards.
Read the rest right here. Even if you're not in the market for a new video card, this one's worth a look.
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