POPFile gets more pop

I just installed the new version of POPFile, the swanky spam-filtering software, this evening, and I think the improvements are newsworthy. Version 0.20 was released late last week, and as the release notes indicate, it's massively improved in terms of performance. Gone is the Perl script, replaced by a real Windows executable, and the app's word lists are now stored in a BerkeleyDB database instead of a flat file. History data is also managed better, with a smarter processing scheme and better caching. What's more, the new rev has some tweaks for better accuracy, including provisions to defeat "the latest spammers' tricks."

The 0.20 upgrade was painless for me, and I'd scientifically estimate the improvement in user interface speed at 977.2654%. If you have a spam problem, this app can help. Check it out.

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