A TR reader who I know only as "naheb" was observant enough to point out to us that TMQ, the quirky-and-fun football column on I've linked several times in this space, is no more. A moment's lament is in order. TMQ was one of the best, most intelligent and entertaining bits of weekly writing (on any subject) around. The real story behind TMQ's demise—and Gregg Easterbook's firing at ESPN—is chronicled here. Easterbrook stepped in it by writing a scathing review of the movie Kill Bill (at The New Republic) that criticized Disney head honcho Michael Eisner and inadvertently came off as racially prejudiced. A quick clarification and abject apology wasn't enough, and now Easterbrook joins Limbaugh in the ESPN dumpster. (Yes, he was fired from a job at ESPN for something he wrote elsewhere.) In a particularly Stalinst flourish, ESPN has removed all record of past TMQ columns from its site. Try to search there for "Easterbrook" or "TMQ" and see what happens. Thank goodness we here at TR don't have to answer to higher-ups at some massive media conglomerate. If you'd like to tweak said media conglomerate for killing off TMQ, you can leave feedback here.

Oh, and while we're off topic, this is quite large.

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