Software by the ton

Of course, it's pirated software, but tons of software (literally!) is impressive just in sheer scope. Here's a link to a Yahoo Daily News article about German customs officials confiscating 2.5 tons of pirate Playstation software (116,283 games) worth about $5.2 million. The shipment came from Thailand, and they found it thanks to a tip from the French. No, I'm not sure exactly how the French figured out that a shipment from Thailand to Germany was full of contraband either.

I'm a little curious, at least, if these were pirate copies that require a mod chip, or if the pirates have figured out a way to make their games play properly on a regular Playstation. Notably, the bust actually happened in December, but was only announced yesterday because the officials had to make sure the software was pirated. I would think somebody would've tried slapping one in a console fairly early in the game, so it sounds like they were some pretty good knock-offs. Regardless, you can bet Sony is very happy about this little seizure.

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