Putting together the GeForce FX 5700 Ultra and 5950 Ultra reviews was a rush for us, and we still have more analysis to do before I'm satisfied with our coverage. However, I was pleased to be able to address some of the issues related to GeForce FX performance. I've wanted to write about these things in more depth for some time, but for a number of reasons, it hadn't happened before now. The ShaderMark results show the 52.16 driver's new compiler isn't a magic fix-all, but at least we understand a little more about what it's doing and why.

I wish I were a fly on the wall during the talks between NVIDIA and Microsoft over DirectX 9. I'm still dumbfounded about how the two parties could be working from such different playbooks. I'm also curious to see what direction NVIDIA and ATI go with their next-gen chips. Will NVIDIA start converting integer pixel shaders to floating-point like ATI? Would the pixel shaders then convert everything to 32-bit FP precision, or just 24 bits FP? Hmm.

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