NVIDIA releases 64-bit Detonators

NVIDIA has released a new set of Detonator display drivers for Windows XP 64-bit edition. The new driver release supports AMD's 64-bit processors, and is nearly the same revision as NVIDIA's 32-bit Windows driver. Nearly. NVIDIA's 64-bit display driver is based on Detonator version 52.14, but the latest 32-bit Windows drivers are version 52.16.

Overall, there's not a huge difference between the 52.14 and 52.16 releases, and Windows XP for AMD64 is still in beta anyway. Still, the fact that the two driver releases are different at all is worth noting. Driver availability and support is yet another challenge facing AMD's 64-bit platform, and performance and feature consistency between 32- and 64-bit driver versions isn't guaranteed.

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