Initial Panther impressions positive

Apple's latest "Panther" version of OS X is out and so far, reviews seem to be pretty positive. The OS upgrade is reportedly a snappy performer on even older machines and low-end eMacs, which should make the upgrade enticing for more than just G5 users looking for a little 64-bit love. Of course, for G5 users, Panther is a bargain at only $20. Other users must pony up $130 for the upgrade, which is also available in a generous five-seat family pack for $199.

Apple is touting the fact that Panther adds over 150 innovative new features to OS X, but some users are also applauding the upgrade's polish:

In fact, OS X for the first time feels like a complete, mature OS.
Surprisingly, Apple isn't hailing Panther as "The best operating system, ever." With Panther, they might be able to make a decent case.
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