Microsoft to roll DirectX into Windows Mobile

The Register is reporting that Microsoft intends to roll DirectX graphics technologies into its Windows Mobile platform for PDAs and smartphones. Windows Mobile's DirectX implementation will reportedly be based on DirectX 8, which isn't as swanky as DX9, but should still be more than enough for mobile devices. Microsoft is apparently only interested in porting the graphical elements of DirectX over to Windows Mobile; DirectX's audio components don't appear to be getting any love.

With a powerful graphics API to exploit, software developers will want a better canvas to play with than the displays available on current PDAs and smartphones, which is why Microsoft is also pushing for higher resolution displays for mobile devices. It looks like 480x640 will become the standard for the next generation of Windows Mobile PDAs, while 240x320 displays will get the nod in next-gen smartphones.

With DirectX graphics technology and support for high resolution screens, Windows Mobile could become a pretty sweet platform for high-end mobile gaming devices. I don't imagine that we'll ever see a Windows Mobile gaming device cheap enough to compete directly with something like Nintendo's Gameboy, but gamers may be willing to pay extra for a more capable mobile gaming platform if the titles are there.

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