WD740GD performance revealed

StorageReview has the first benchmarks I've seen of Western Digital's new Raptor WD740GB, and the 10K RPM Serial ATA drive's performance looks impressive indeed. When compared with the 36GB Raptor WD360GD, which we reviewed in our 10K RPM hard drive comparison, the WD740GD is faster in nearly ever test. Particularly impressive are the new drive's transfer rates, which are 25% faster at the beginning and 44% faster at the end of the disk.

There's sure to be some moaning and groaning about the fact that the 74GB WD740GD isn't big enough for huge P2P-fuelled music, movie, or pr0n collections, but the drive is built for speed rather than massive storage capacities. Given StorageReview's benchmark scores, it looks like Western Digital is delivering performance in spades with the WD740GD.

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