Well, after a fews days off in which I tried to push my G400 review out the door (among other things), I'm finally back to posting news here. The site should be running quite a bit faster now, since the 'shack finally made the move to a new server. Also, in order to cope with yesterday's episode of the Slashdot effect here at TR, Sander hax0red on our front page a bit, and it should load up quite a bit faster now.

Sander also responded to the cries of anonymous cowards everywhere and changed the way anonymous posts are recorded in our comments system. Now, rather than expose the IP address or reverse DNS name of an unregistered user, the poster is just known as "Anonymous Gerbil". Sander is weird that way. But what did you expect out of the Netherlands? Other than fish.

I should also mention that the folks at NVIDIA wrote in with a correction for my G400 review. It seems the GeForce chip will do environment-mapped bump mapping like the G400. I don't have a GeForce card on hand right now to test it out. Have any of you guys given it a shot? Does the GeForce pass the EMBM test in 3DMark 2000? Post a comment if you can shed some light on this one.

Finally, a few obligatory links. After a forced hiatus due to a domain name hijacking, BAMF is back online. I forgot to mention earlier this month that Geek Extreme had launched, where it's not just geeks, it's too damn much geeks. (Kinda like an MIT mixer.) Speaking of geek excess, have a look at this Nando Times article about the boy wonder. Looks like he's farting through silk these days. The success is definitely deserved.

Last but probably most, the HardOCP has branched out with a very nice forum to make our own discussion boards look rather sad. Kudos to Kyle and the gang for getting that going.

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