Web sites neglected with reckless abandon

CNN is running an interesting story on abandoned web sites that scratches the surface of what could become a huge problem. Many of the Internet's web sites haven't been updated in years, and some are still unfinished. Beyond the fact that many of these sites could be considered a massive waste of space, there's also a concern that inaccurate or out of date information could pollute search results. Of course, any worry that a web site is displaying dated information must assume that the site was offering accurate information in the first place.

From a historical perspective, abandoned web sites might not be such a bad thing after all. If a site hasn't been updated for years, it can provide an interesting look at what sorts of things were acceptable for web sites of that time. It's not just ancient Geocities pages that are being neglected, either. Two thirds of blogs apparently descend into dormancy for months at a time, and 25% aren't updated beyond an opening entry.

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