Windows for AMD64 delay possible

This article over at The Register suggests that a Microsoft delay could throw a bit wrench into AMD's 64-bit processor plans. Microsoft had previously announced that an AMD64 version of Windows Server 2003 would be delayed until the second half of 2004. Now, it appears that all versions of Windows for AMD64 could be delayed until the second half of next year. AMD's response to the delay doesn't outright confirm a Windows XP for AMD64 delay, but it certainly doesn't deny one:
Ruiz responds, "We are working with Microsoft very closely to continue to stay on track with their release of the software. There is nothing substantial to add beyond that."
It's important to keep in mind that the Athlon 64 doesn't need a 64-bit operating system to be competitive with Intel's Pentium 4 line, or even AMD's own Athlon XPs. However, we may not see an AMD64 version of Windows XP on store shelves until a year after the Athlon 64's launch, and that's not good for enthusiasts looking of make the most of AMD's new platform.

Hardcore enthusiasts can already get an AMD64 fix from several flavors of Linux, but beta software and drivers is the best the Windows world can do at the moment. A Windows delay certainly isn't the end of the world for AMD64, but it's a pretty big strike against the platform.

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