Red Hat CEO disses Linux for mainstream desktops

Fanboys on both sides can argue back and forth over whether Linux is ready for the mainstream desktop, but according to Red Hat's own CEO, it isn't:
Matthew Szulik, chief executive of Linux vendor Red Hat, said on Monday that although Linux is capable of exceeding expectations for corporate users, home users should stick with Windows: "I would say that for the consumer market place, Windows probably continues to be the right product line," he said. "I would argue that from the device-driver standpoint and perhaps some of the other traditional functionality, for that classic consumer purchaser, it is my view that (Linux) technology needs to mature a little bit more."
Szulik is quick to point out that Linux is great for corporate desktops, which is of course why Red Hat offers a full line of enterprise-oriented Linux distros. I suspect that Lindows' CEO has a much different take on Linux's suitability for mainstream desktops.

I'm sure Linux enthusiasts won't be fazed by Szulik's comments, but mainstream consumers who assume that Red Hat is Linux may be turned off the platform.

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