Dr. Tom goes Giga

After reading Tom's giga-review of the giga-processors, I am giga-tired of giga-stuff. Annoying prefixes aside, Tom's look at the 1GHz Athlon and Pentium III processors is worth a read. Tom included the combination of a BX chipset-based motherboard and the GHz PIII in his tests, and the BX rig actually stomps everything else in some of the tests. Crazy.

Also, Tom takes time at the beginning of his review to envision a better world:

I will not quite yet comment on the fact that some Giga-processors are only available in homeopathic quantities or the 'great things' a Giga-processor is able to do for us, I mean meaningful stuff like e.g. running Quake at 14,568,394 fps. What I'd like to say is that the behavior of AMD as well as Intel last week looks as if my good ol' buddy Kyle, the 'hardest' man alive with the largest inferiority complex in the universe, had ran away from his shrink and become CEO of both AMD and Intel for a day.
Hmm. That would explain the GHz race. Maybe Craig Barret and "Colonel" Sanders are secret HardOCP readers?
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