Ok, I am still working on a graphics article, and I will have something eventually. This thing is gonna be the death of me, but I will finish. Then there's a round of interesting new stuff coming in PC platforms that I'll be tackling.

One thing that has been left out as I've plowed through the new PC goodies has been our promised review of a Mac G5 (or at least, I believe I promised that). I suppose I'm a little de-motivated by the fact we'll have to shell out major cash for one of those G5 systems, but that's not the real issue here. We just have lots on our plates right now. The G5 is still on our radar, though, just so you know.

I don't have time to go into this now, but I want to mention that I very much enjoyed Matrix Revolutions. I'm still puzzling over why so many people seemed not to like it, and I'm working on some theories. Not to sound condescending—and I really don't mean to, honest—but I think a lot of folks just didn't understand the story. Some of the comments I've read in reviews and discussions of the movie certainly leave me with that impression. Now, whether one chooses to blame that on the movie's creators or on its audience, I can't say. Yet.

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