UK bans PowerMac G5 ads

I can't make this stuff up, folks. The UK's Independent Television Commission has banned Apple's PowerMac G5 ad, punching a neat little hold in the RDF in the process. The ITC claims that Apple's assertion that the PowerMac G5 is "the world's fastest, most powerful personal computer" is misleading:
Viewers complained that the advertising was misleading because the main claim was based on the results of limited tests in which the specification of the computers used was configured to give Apple the best results.


Due to the technical nature of the advertiser's response, the ITC asked the BACC to refer the complaints and the response to the BACC's expert. He found that the claim was not supported by independent reviews and that at best "the G5 was generally as fast as the best Intel-based workstations currently available".

Fanboys on both sides of the fence can argue back and forth over Apple's prices, aesthetics, OS, and even hardware, but I can't imagine many will step up to defend Steve Jobs' passion for hyperbole. Apple's marketing department certainly isn't the first to step over the line—Pentium 4 speeds up the Internet, anyone?—but it appears they've stepped farther over the line than the UK is willing to allow.

Thanks to Slashdot for the tip.

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