Kasparov takes on another computer

If The Matrix Trilogy didn't satiate your hunger for man versus AI conflict, ESPN will be covering Garry Kasparov's next chess match with the machine world. Kasparov will be playing ChessBase's Fritz program, which will run on a quad-Xeon server capable of assessing three million moves per second.

Despite the fact that chess programs have access to ever-expanding computational resources, the last two big man versus machine contests have ended in draws.

"For years, it was seen as inevitable that computers would get stronger and dominate," he said. "But humans are getting smarter about playing them. We're adapting. We're adjusting. We're getting stronger."
It will be interesting to see if human creativity and original thought will be enough to keep pace as chess programs use brute force to calculate more and more moves per second. And on ESPN, no less.
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