Friday night topic: Your caffeine habit

I have long regarded caffeine intake as a bit of a vice, perhaps in part because I'm so sensitive to the drug's effect on me. I have more than once scaled back my caffeine intake intentionally in order to shape my habits. I sleep better when my head hits the pillow at night if I avoid having a Coke at lunch. (I once gave up my cup of coffee in the mornings, but that won't happen again, I can assure you.) Lately, I've been drinking quite a bit more caffeine during the course of the day, and I have to say, I think it's been a good thing. But there's gotta be something a little bit wrong with that view, doesn't there?

Tell us, how many servings of caffeine a day do you take in? Do you monitor and manage your intake? Do you have favorite forms of caffeine delivery? (Mine are coffee, tea, and Bawls.) Does mixing caffeine with other substances, like guarana or sugar, enhance its effect on you? How does the drug affect you? Do you notice much? Do you have any silly, unfounded claims about the relative caffeine content of various drinks to share with us all?


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