Faster PCI bus about to roll

Check out this EETimes report about the new version of the PCI bus coming soon, PCI-X. Although PCI-X is intended first for servers, you can bet it will be making its way to desktop PCs if it succeeds. PCI-X features speeds up to 133MHz, with a 64-bit wide data path.

Of course, the big storage players in SCSI and fibre channel are gearing up to support PCI-X, but I find it interesting that 3Com, Broadcom, and Intel are planning Gigabit Ethernet products for the PCI-X bus, too. Think maybe switched GigE will become a viable storage interface, competing with SCSI/fibre channel? (I do.)

Also intriguing is this tidbit at the article's end:

Beyond this year's transition to PCI-X looms a larger shift in computer I/O. The InfiniBand specification will bring a move away from the memory-mapped PCI bus to a channel-based switching matrix that promises to be a more revolutionary change.
Now you're talking serious bandwidth.
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