New security threats coming

Fresh from Comdex, C|Net has an interesting story on a number of new security threats that are hovering just over the horizon:
Nastier types of bugs are also being developed all the time, he noted. In the relatively near future, the world will likely see the debut of damaging threats the industry is calling "Warhol" attacks, as they are likely to achieve fame by spreading across the Internet in 15 minutes. "Flash" threats might be able to blanket the Internet in 30 seconds.

"Day Zero" threats, which exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities, will hit without warning, the Symantec CEO added.

Windows usually comes under fire for being riddled with security holes that are easy for attackers to exploit, however, Symantec's CEO doesn't think Linux would fare much better:
"If and when the Linux target set gets as rich as Microsoft's, I believe you will find more vulnerabilities than you do today."
Either way, there are currently countless unpatched Windows systems sitting on broadband connections just waiting to be compromised. Don't forget all those clueless users who will click on every email attachment they receive, either. I have a feeling that things are going to get a lot worse before they get any better.
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