Centrino captures 42% of notebook shipments

DigiTimes is reporting that Centrino notebooks will capture 42% of global laptop shipments this year. Centrino's Wi-Fi capabilities are apparently behind a lot of the brand's popularity, despite the fact that Intel currently only offers 802.11b support.

The Centrino brand also includes Intel's new Pentium M processor and 855PM chipset, both of which are stacked with an impressive array of power saving technologies. However, it seems that Centrino's most technologically advanced features are getting lost in a wave of Wi-Fi hype.

Either way, the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi-equipped notebooks should help encourage the spread of wireless hot spots. If hot spots become more common, Centrino-branded notebooks will have even greater utility. More widespread hot spot availability could make Wi-Fi-equipped cell phones and PDAs a lot more attractive, too.

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