Senators call for P2P guidelines

A group of US Senators has asked the companies behind peer-to-peer networks to lend a hand in preventing the illegal distribution of pornography and copyrighted material. The group suggests that file sharing companies have a legal and moral obligation to do the following:
  • Provide clear and conspicuous warnings to users about the legal risks of P2P software;
  • Add filters for copyrighted material and pornography to their software; and
  • Change the default setting in file-swapping software programs so that users must actively choose to share material with others.
  • Since so many mainstream P2P users appear to be completely ignorant of copyright law, the suggested guidelines might not be such a bad idea. However, since many true P2P networks have no centralized server or company pulling the strings behind the scenes, it's unlikely the guidelines will be universally embraced by the P2P community.
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