Sharp beefs up Linux-powered Zaurus PDA

PDA Buzz is reporting that Sharp has refreshed its Zaurus line of Linux-based PDAs. Sharp is pitching the new Zaurus models to corporate users who need the portability of a PDA, the customzation possibilities of Linux, and enough horsepower to replace a laptop for some tasks. With a 640x480 screen, 400MHz Xscale processor, 64MB of memory, integrated thumb keyboard, and integrated 802.11b Wi-Fi, the high-end Zaurus SL-6000 looks like a pretty complete mobile package.

While most other PDA manufacturers have joined the Pocket PC or Palm OS camps, Sharp seems content to keep its handhelds running Linux. Given the staggering number of Zaurus apps currently available, it looks like Sharp has tapped a productive niche of shareware, freeware, and open source developers.

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