DVD Jon cracks iTunes DRM

Jon Johansen, the same Norwegian programmer responsible for cracking DVD copy protection, has turned his attention to the QuickTime audio format Apple is using in its iTunes Music Store. Johansen has released a program called QTFairUse, which allows users to dump the output of a QuickTime audio stream to memory.

Since QTFairUse relies on a QuickTime stream, it's really only useful for circumventing the copy protection of streaming content or downloaded tracks. QTFairUse won't let users steal content from the iTunes Music Store without first paying for the download, so this isn't as bad for Apple as it could be. Right now, all QTFairUse creates is a raw memory dump, but because Johansen is providing the full source to QTFairUse, it's probably only a matter of time before someone releases a program that converts Apple's iTunes music downloads directly to DRM-less MP3s.

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