PC hits the PC

I would say you can't make this stuff up, but actually, we've joked about this sort of thing in the past. This time, it's for real:
Los Angeles officials have asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using the terms "master" and "slave" on computer equipment, saying such terms are unacceptable and offensive.

The request -- which has some suppliers furious and others busy re-labeling components -- came after an unidentified worker spotted a videotape machine carrying devices labeled "master" and "slave" and filed a discrimination complaint with the county's Office of Affirmative Action Compliance.

Of course, the language police are a little late to this scene. Even Taiwanese mobo makers have been favoring the more politicially correct term "mainboard" for years, and now Serial ATA has emancipated the slaves altogether. Then again, all bets are off when an isochronous load-balancing algorithm gives one packet higher priority access to the HyperTransport bus than another one.

(Thanks to Tom for sending the news link.)

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