Phoenix BIOS gets rights management hooks has an update on Phoenix's plans to build copy protection hooks into some of the lowest-level operating software for a PC:
The Core Managed Environment (CME) TrustedCore NB for notebooks and tablet PCs, announced this week, is the first product in Phoenix's Core System Software (CSS) category, designed to extend the usefulness of the humble BIOS. TrustedCore NB is meant to allow businesses to keep their mobile computers safe from identity theft, unauthorized network access and data loss. Future versions will take aim at servers, blades, desktops and embedded systems such as consumer electronics, with plans to introduce digital rights management (DRM) and more closely integrate the BIOS with Windows.
We'll have to keep a close watch on these things as "trusted computing" intiatives seep forward into the latest hardware. We'll try to provide useful information in our reviews of motherboards, processors, and storage devices, so you guy can be sure to choose hardware that allows you to turn off these features when unwanted.

Thanks to Armigel for the link.

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