I hope everybody had a good weekend. I did, despite having a bit of a cold. With two young kids at our house, that's par for the course this time of the year. Unexpected bonus: my decongestants gave me vivid dreams every night. I woke up entertained.

Speaking of which, we watched the extended edition of The Two Towers this weekend, and it was, as with the first movie, much better than the original cut. The story flows better, more is explained, and important bits from the book are now present in the extended version. I think Peter Jackson must know how much he's sacrificing in order to squeeze each movie into a format and length acceptable for the theaters; the extended editions are obviously the films as he intended them. In this cut of Towers, for instance, the battle for Helm's Deep has a real, conclusive ending, facilitated by the trees. As it should be.

I've been working for some time on a new hardware review, and it's nearly done, but not quite ready tonight. Shouldn't be much longer. Stay tuned...

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