ATI to offer Athlon 64 chipsets, eventually

It looks like ATI won't be throwing its hat into the Athlon 64 chipset ring for at least another six months, but Xbit Labs has some interesting details on what those chipsets might be. The RX480 chipset for Athlon 64 processors will apparently have a DirectX 9 graphics core and shared memory architecture; a non-IGP chipset will reportedly be available with PCI Express support, too. On the south bridge front, the IXP400 is rumored to support four Serial ATA ports, eight USB ports, and all the usual suspects when it comes to audio, "parallel" ATA, and the like.

Given the Athlon 64's integrated memory controller, it will be interesting to see how shared memory architectures are implemented with integrated graphics processors. ATI has already brought DirectX 8 to integrated graphics with the Radeon 9100 IGP, but that chipset has the luxury of having a memory controller located on the north bridge rather than the processor itself.

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