Mandrake taps USB memory sticks for new distro

Mandrake Linux has come up with an interesting product called MandrakeMove that combines a CD and USB memory key to create a portable Linux distribution that retains a user's personal files and preferences:
With MandrakeMove, there's no need to install a Linux system to have a full-featured desktop: just place MandrakeMove live CD into a CD-ROM drive, boot from the disc, then watch an entire Mandrake system run "on the fly" from the CD-ROM. As a unique added feature, the MandrakeMove CD-ROM may be ejected to access content from another CD.

Additionally, MandrakeMove provides the ability to store configuration files and personal data on a USB key; this data can be encrypted for the highest level of security and privacy!

The MandrakeMove CD contains multimedia and graphics software and enough office applications to open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Heck, they even threw in a few games to help pass the time.
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